Breaking Ground with Grand Orchard: Pioneering a New Era in Islamabad’s Real Estate

The 7th of January 2023 marked a significant event in DHA Phase 1, Islamabad, as the groundbreaking ceremony of Grand Orchard took place. This groundbreaking project aims to become the largest commercial and residential hub in the twin cities, redefining luxury living and setting new standards for urban development. The project was inaugurated by the esteemed Administrator of DHA, accompanied by Mr. Amran Zia, CEO of Premier Choice International. Notably, serves as the official selling partner, further highlighting the project’s prominence and potential in the real estate market.

ground breaking

Grand Orchard unveils a visionary concept that seamlessly integrates commercial and residential spaces. At its core lies a magnificent four-floor high-end shopping mall, destined to become a haven for shopaholics. The mall will offer a diverse range of upscale shops, luxury brands, gourmet restaurants, and trendy cafes, creating an unparalleled shopping experience for visitors.

Rising above the shopping mall are three majestic residential towers, dedicated to providing residents with luxurious living spaces. These towers will showcase a variety of residential apartments, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings. Each unit will be thoughtfully designed to prioritize comfort, privacy, and modern conveniences, providing an elevated lifestyle for its residents.

The collaboration with as the official selling partner adds further value to the Grand Orchard project., a renowned real estate portal in Pakistan, brings extensive industry knowledge and a wide network of potential buyers and investors. Their expertise in digital marketing and customer engagement will play a crucial role in generating awareness and attracting interested parties to Grand Orchard.


In Conclusion,

The groundbreaking ceremony of Grand Orchard marked the beginning of an extraordinary development that aims to transform Islamabad’s real estate landscape. The presence of esteemed figures such as the Administrator of DHA and Premier Choice International’s CEO reflects the commitment and support behind this visionary project. With the integration of a high-end shopping mall and residential towers, Grand Orchard aspires to create a vibrant community that caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of its residents. As construction progresses, the anticipation surrounding Grand Orchard continues to grow, setting the stage for a monumental transformation in the heart of Islamabad.

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