Hilton Team’s Exclusive Visit to Premier Choice International’s Headquarters and Grand Orchard Site in Islamabad

The Hilton team paid an exclusive visit to Premier Choice International’s headquarters in Islamabad, and the Grand Orchard site in DHA Phase 1 in light of the collaboration between the two industry leaders. The visit was of significant importance as it explored the future potential of the collaboration, with particular attention to the launch of the Hilton Garden Inn in Grand Orchard, DHA Phase 1, Islamabad. The visit included a thorough site tour and productive discussions, which prepared the ground for an empowered collaboration between Hilton and Premier Choice International.

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A Grand Welcome at Grand Orchard:

The Grand Orchard site in DHA Phase 1, Islamabad, where the Hilton Garden Inn is scheduled to be located in the spectacular Grand Orchard Tower A, served as the focal point of the trip. The team from Hilton was welcomed by the senior management at Premier Choice International, along with the Engineering Team designated to undertake the construction at Grand Orchard. The site tour offered a glimpse at the processes that are taking place to provide the exceptional experience that Hilton Garden Inn’s presence promises to offer.

Exploring the Grand Orchard Tower A:

The Hilton team had the opportunity to see Premier Choice International’s advancements and development milestones firsthand during the site visit at Grand Orchard. Visitors to the tower were guided by the engineering team as they studied they shared the intricacies and measures that are being taken to ensure that Grand Orchard exceeds expectations and creates a new benchmark for developments in the region. Hilton Garden Inn is set to be operational in Grand Orchard Tower A, with 115 hotel rooms, a plethora of amenities, and the finest level of hospitality.

A Successful Gathering of Minds:

The teams met at Premier Choice International’s headquarters in Islamabad for a presentation and an insightful conversation after the site visit. The discussion was an opportunity for both sides to share their perspectives while highlighting the current successful building milestones and coordinating their shared vision for Grand Orchard’s future. The Hilton team praised Premier Choice Internationa’s team for their commitment to delivering the best. 

The trip was a significant first step towards Hilton and Premier Choice International working together seamlessly. During the conversations, it became clear that the two prestigious organizations shared the vision of hospitality and dedication to client satisfaction, highlighting the ideal fit between them. The teams working on the Hilton Garden Inn at Grand Orchard Tower A are enthusiastic about the possibility of developing a top-notch hospitality experience that will raise industry standards.

Looking Ahead:

The Hilton team’s visit to the headquarters of Premier Choice International and the Grand Orchard location in Islamabad was a successful meeting between two visionary teams. It strengthened the connection between the two organizations, ensuring a solid basis for a fruitful relationship. The expectation for the opening of the Hilton Garden Inn among enthusiastic tourists and local residents is growing as Premier Choice International makes substantial advancements in the construction of Grand Orchard.

In Conclusion,

The Hilton team’s visit to the Premier Choice International headquarters and the Grand Orchard location in Islamabad was a significant occasion that marked the start of a promising partnership. This relationship is one to keep an eye on because of the common dedication to quality and the shared goal of offering unparalleled hospitality experiences. The Hilton Garden Inn promises a blend of world-class luxury and warm Pakistani hospitality, creating an exceptional stay for all of its visitors as it gets ready to grace the majestic Grand Orchard Tower A.

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