Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is administered by the country’s Federal Government. Being an economic and diplomatic hub with a large population; Islamabad is an ideal place for standard living and a hotspot for new opportunities. Although it is often labeled as a boring city, such statements are not at all true. In fact, Islamabad enjoys having natural vistas which give the city its very own aesthetic. The capital has rapidly developed over the past few years making it a preferable property investment choice for many well-off families. Several organizations like CDA are working on the city’s development, and many other real estate projects in Islamabad are in the works. Furthermore, real estate developers like Premier Choice International are also planning future projects for further development and opportunities. Let’s dive into more details on what the capital city has to offer and what are the perks of investing in property here! 

Access to basic services and resources

Being a relatively newer city than other cities of Pakistan, Islamabad is a well-planned city with the best infrastructure and access to amenities. Electricity, water, and gas supply are readily available in all areas of the city. Moreover, recreational community parks, hotels, restaurants, reputed educational institutes, hospitals and clinics, shopping malls, marketplaces, and fitness centers are widely spread across the city’s sectors. Real estate development projects continue to attract local and foreign investment with luxurious housing scheme projects like Bahria Enclave. All such gated housing societies promote a sense of community living. Being a well-organized city, Islamabad further has efficient transportation, sewerage, and a security system. In a nutshell, the city packs almost everything that its residents could possibly want for a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle. 

Security and Safety

With a central and strategic geographical location, Islamabad is also considered a safer city in terms of security. Concerned authorities fully play their role in strictly maintaining law and order in the capital. Several populated areas have police check posts while the roads are patrolled by Islamabad Traffic Police 24/7. The Islamabad Safe City scheme is also introduced to strengthen the city’s overall security. The majority of the houses in residential blocks have CCTV systems and armed security guards present on-premises. This explains why the capital is also proven to have a lower crime rate when compared to other larger cities like Lahore and Karachi. Having more security and safety may allow industrialists to make the shift to Islamabad. Hence, the city has the potential to become a financial hub of the country in the near future. 

Nature and Recreation

If you consider yourself a nature-lover, there is no other place like Islamabad for you. The city is surrounded by the picturesque Margalla Hills and engulfed in greenery. In case you have gained enough of the cultural and historical insights the landmarks provide, switch things up a little and connect yourself with nature. Either hike up the adventurous trails of Margalla Hills National Park and enjoy mother nature’s serenity or get awestruck by visiting the scenic viewpoints of Daman-e-Koh and Monal. The Margalla Hills National Park is also home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Due to the city’s higher altitude, the people of Islamabad get to experience pleasant weather throughout the year. Other locations where you can feel closer to nature include Islamabad’s Bird Aviary, Fatimah Jinnah Park, Shah Allah Ditta Caves, Lake View Park, and Rawal Lake. The city offers a serene, pollution-free environment that is free from the hustle and bustle of busy urban towns. 

Gateway to Popular Tourist Destinations 

Although tourist attractions are dotted around the entire capital, Pakistan’s Northern areas remain the most popular spots for tourism and traveling. Due to its central location, all traffic towards Northern areas has to pass through Islamabad, making it a busy gateway. However, due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-maintained carpeted roads, the traffic flow is smooth. The expressway makes a drive to the hilly areas of Murree approximately 30 minutes in duration. Other destinations such as Swat, Naran Kaghan Valley, and Fairy Meadows are all easily accessible with Islamabad being the starting point.  Several other hidden gems can also be found on the city outskirts, especially ahead of Monal Restaurant. These include waterfalls and springs like Neela Sandh, hillside cafes, and hilltop resorts like Highland and Whispering Pines. All these destinations allow you to plan a relaxing one-day trip to free up your mind on the weekends. 

Return on Investments

As the capital continues on its path of development, the prices of residential and commercial plots increase alongside. Prices tend to go up for almost all types of properties. Sectors B-17 and D-12 are currently being developed and are already attracting a bunch of investments. The majority of these areas are bringing about a significant return on investments (ROI). In the long run, property prices are expected to be driven up further. 

Considering all such factors, it can be undoubtedly said that Islamabad is one of the best places to live in Pakistan. It is continuing to become a sprawling modern city and attract investments. 

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